Edgar Payne

Edgar Payne, Laguna Coast

Laguna Coast, c.1918
Oil on Canvas, 12 x 16 inches

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About Edgar Payne

Edgar Alwin Payne was born on March 1, 1882 in Washburn, Missouri. Payne left home at an early age and earned a living as a house painter. He spent a very brief time at the Art Institute of Chicago, and otherwise was a self-taught artist. He met his wife, Elsie Palmer in San Francisco, California, and married her the following year.

In San Francisco, he received a commission for a large mural from the Congress Hotel. The Payne's settled in Laguna Beach, California, and Payne quickly became an important part of the art community there, being named the first President of the Laguna Beach Art Association.

The Payne's painted their way though both America and Europe, initially in 1922 and 1923, then later in the late 1920's. Payne became famous for his Indian-inspired landscapes, his scenes of the High Sierra, and his harbor scenes executed in France and Italy.

He died in Hollywood, California on April 3, 1947.


Edgar Payne